How it works



Freetic works very simple, we give you the access to Generate Tickets with Your CPU Power and participate in our competitions to Win Stunning Prizes all the year. We also provide CPU Power Plans to generate thousands of Free Tickets in case you don’t want to use your computer or mobile phone. is created by crypto enthusiasts. The main mission of this website is to provide a free fun way for users to win valuable prizes. 

In a traditional mining pool an average computer would earn merely a few dollar cents per full day of mining. It might take ages for you to even get to the minimum withdrawal and the returns would be minuscule. However, if you gather many people and share the computing power, the mining actually starts to be useful. 

This is why we decided to create a website where everybody can play without deposits or powerful computer hardware. Using your computer resources or buying CPU Power in others computers just a few minutes per day gives you a chance to win really great prizes.

How to Play

Playing is simple, in the HOME page you have 2 options:

Option 1: Use your own computer or mobile phone. 

All you need to do is to click in the 1 Free Ticket button and click in “Allow for this session” in the popup window message. Your computer will do some work, hashing some computations and then, when the bar completes, you will be redirected to CoolSwip Login Page. Then you just have to Login or Create an account in and participate in any of our competitions by clicking in PARTICIPATE button, select the amount of tickets you want to participate with and click in PARTICIPATE NOW! 

If you want to generate more tickets at once while you study, work or sleep, you can use any of the buttons in the GET MORE TICKETS page. The more tickets you generate, the more opportunities you have to win the prizes you have chosen.


Option 2: Buy CPU Power to generate tickets easily

You can buy our In-Cloud Hashing Power Services to mine your Tickets cheaper, faster and with no additional costs.

The process is very simple, in the HOME page click on the button “Get More Tickets” it will open our Mining Plans Market Place, then choose the plan you like according with the amount of Tickets you want and the price and click on Buy Now button. Then Select the payment method you prefer and follow the instructions. After the payment is done you will receive an email address with the voucher containing the amount of Tickets you choose to mine, or you can also use the Tickets directly by clicking on the Use Your Tickets Now! button. Note that in the same page below is the number of your Voucher in case you don’t want to receive it by email. You can copy the Voucher Number and paste it in your CoolSwip account.

This process enables users to use our hashing power to mine their Free Tickets.


We are able to send you the Voucher immediately after your purchase because in our Robust Mining Center we are generating Tickets 24 hours with an exceptional performance, to meet the huge demand for Tickets. That allow us to send you the tickets instantly while we keep generating for more pleasure.


What exactly is my CPU doing?

Your computer or mobile will mine a cryptocurrency called Monero, to do so, it needs to process some calculations. The calculations are securely executed in your Browser and you don't need to install anything. To mine Monero, your CPU has to calculate hashes with an algorithm called Cryptonight. This algorithm is very compute heavy and, while overall pretty slow, was designed to run well on consumer CPUs so anyone can enter to win prizes.

How do we choose the winner?

We use, The Most Advanced Sweepstakes Network platform. They use the most accurate and guaranteed method to make sure the winners are always chosen in a random and verifiable way, using an innovative method of selecting the winner ticket.

What happens if I leave the site in the middle of a mining process?

You can close your browser any time you want but if your tickets are not fully mined you will need to mine them again to participate.


If you are on a computer you can minimize your browser window while it is generating your tickets and the process will go on as normal, however if you are using a mobile phone you have to keep your browser open in order to work.

Can I play with multiple phones and computers?

You can have as many concurrent phones and computer running as you want, the generation of the tickets is based on the total amount of work that your computer does, so it all depends on how fast your computer is.

My computer is not processing the tickets

In some cases you have to DISABLE ADBLOCK in order to work. Also some ANTIVIRUS software block the miners and consider the JavaScript miner as a threat. This is unfortunate because we intended to be an alternative to win prizes generating all the tickets through a mining process with the consent of the users. However, we have to acknowledge that the decision to block the miner was understandable as it was possible to run the miner on a webpage without asking the visitor for consent or even informing them. However, we will never start mining without asking for your consent because we strongly believe that being honest with the user will ultimately be beneficial for both.

To contact us please send an email to: freetic@